Star Ceiling Light Will be Perfect Addition of Your Decor

Night Light That Shines Stars on Ceiling

If you want to have an elaborate lighting fixture in your house, star ceiling light may be perfect for you.  You may either go to town and turn the entire ceiling into a starry night sky by attaching a lot of tiny lights all over it in a random order or just purchase a Moravian star-shaped chandelier and make it a central point of the room.

The first option requires a lot of work, but looks unbelievably impressive. And the final result is definitely worth all the efforts, as you’ll be able to observe the night sky without leaving your house. In order to achieve the most natural twinkle and glow, you’ll have to incorporate small LED lamps of different sizes into the fabric suspended ceiling. Study the star map before attaching star lights on ceiling to be even more accurate.

Night Light Stars on Ceiling

However, you may skip that hustle and simply purchase a star ceiling light projector that will turn the entire room into glowing and sparkling Universe. It will be especially fun for your kids. You may build a cozy shed out of a blanket, pillows and a couple of chairs, get comfortable in it with your kids, turn the stars on ceiling night light on and enjoy a spectacular story time.

This night lighting will be perfect for a baby/toddler nursery, especially if your child is afraid of the dark. It will provide the minimum amount of light that won’t bother your child while he’s sleeping or make it hard to fall asleep. But, if your kid wakes up in the middle of the night, he won’t get scared. And hopefully he’ll go back to sleep without waking up the entire house. Besides, you may find this lamp really comfortable if you have a newborn baby and you don’t want him to weak up completely during the nighttime feedings or diaper changes. Most likely, this thing will make him go back to sleep even faster as he’ll look at the stars.  Fixtures with melody functions are even better for that matter.

Energy Star Ceiling Fan with Light

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