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Tripod Floor Lamps – is it That Good?

Tripod Studio Floor Lamp

When it comes to artistic, yet simple and classy lighting fixture, tripod floor lamps are probably one of the best options to choose. They may definitely become a centerpiece of any room. Just imagine one of them standing on a light grey carpet beside a white coffee table or a wooden easel. You may also achieve a lightweight beach house inspired look by setting up a reading station by the window. Just place a wicker chair with a couple of comfortable pillows, set a wooden tripod floor lamp with a beige lampshade, decorate a windowsill with a couple of shells and beach stones and enjoy your favorite book in a marine atmosphere.

An industrial tripod floor lamp with a long base that bends over the couch or a coffee table setup looks quite different and attracts a lot of attention. It may be a visual center of the room. A mat glass shade will create a slightly muted lighting effect, while a metal plafond of a brass lighting fixture will add a little bit of loft style to your room decor.

Photographer Tripod Floor Lamp

If you’re someone who likes to dilute modern sleek interior design with standing out techno-themed decorations, you may go for a spotlight tripod floor lamp. It may be combined with different finishes, textures and colors depending on the kind of metal and the type of base you choose. It looks great in combination with brick or barn accent wall or glass and metal coffee table. A big floor-to-ceiling mirror will look great with it as well.

Adopt a little bit of antique farmhouse style by placing a vintage caged plain metal studio lamp on the corner of the room or by the bookshelves. If you’re a fan of a nature interior design, make your own DIY wooden floor tripod lamp out of fallen tree branches and plain long cord with a bubble cartridge and a plug on its ends.

Royal Marine Tripod Floor Lamp

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Wooden Tripod Floor LampVintage Tripod Floor LampSurveyor Tripod Floor LampWalnut Tripod Floor LampWhite Tripod Floor LampPottery Barn Tripod Floor LampSpotlight Tripod Floor LampRoyal Marine Tripod Floor LampWood Tripod Floor LampTripod Wood Floor LampStudio Tripod Floor LampGold Tripod Floor LampSpotlight Floor Lamp TripodTripod Spotlight Floor LampPacific Coast Tripod Floor LampBlack Tripod Floor Lamp

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