Tall Candle Holders to Classic or Modern Interior

Tall Taper Candle Holders

Tall candle holders may not be the most common house decor choice, but when they’re paired with other vintage looking decorations or just included into a proper setup, they’ll add a romantic touch to your room and provide warm non-electric light for romantic occasions.

If you’re looking for a statement piece for a certain area in your house, you may consider purchasing a couple of floor-standing tall pillar candle holders. They come in different materials, but most commonly, combine a couple of them. Glass holders with carved wooden stand will look great near the reading station. Metal ones will complete a strict brick and metal fireplace design. Marble (or tiles) floors and dark stone-resembling holding fixtures with electric candle-style lights will create a luxurious design.

Tall Candle Holders Bulk

White wooden pillar fixtures with bulky lobs will resemble the Victorian era and complement a tea set display. Wall-mounted teardrop shaped ones, along with holding screens and eastern motive art will remind you of sizzling hot and luscious Arabian world. Stands decorated with tree twigs, rope, moss and tiny river stones will satisfy the taste of those, who prefer rustic style and natural materials.

Tall glass pillar candle holders may turn into elegant and exquisite wedding venue decorations, especially when paired with glass flower vases of similar shape. Tall votive candle holders will adorn the area around the altar and wedding sand ceremony. You may even save your money on purchasing them from the store and make them at home. You’ll just need to purchase a set of glasses (you may choose either vine or plain water ones), a couple of plain glass vases, decorative stones, beads or crystals, tea light candles and use all of that to recreate a chic holder design. Add some water to the glass and opt for candles in thin metal cups to end up with a floating feature.

Tall Floor Candle Holders

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