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What to Consider in a Wooden Light Fixtures

Wooden Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Wooden light fixtures are becoming more and more popular in the contemporary design of the house, hotel and restaurant.

They have many advantages. Modern wooden light fixtures are environmentally safe, original, nice, enduring and easy in cleaning. They make the room convenient and warm. Such things are always in the center of attention.

Modern Wooden Light Fixtures

Most of all they suit to country or rural styles, for stone mansions or wooden huts. The classical style of the house will become even more elegant and rich with their help. Antique wooden light fixtures make the house warm, comfortable and fashionable. You have the impression that you are in the old castle or palace. Old-fashioned circular lamps with little bulbs in the shape of candles give you the feelings from the past centuries.

Wooden hanging light fixtures can be completely made of wood (conifer, broad-leaved trees (nut and cherry wood) and oak) or include some wooden decorative elements. There is also a combined variant when the basement and decorative elements are made of wood, and the dome lamp is made of glass. Manufacturers use special antiseptic agents to protect the lamp from insects. The usage of modern light-emitting diode lamps makes such completely safe. Compared to incandescent lamps this source of light almost does not heat up.

They can be used in different rooms: drawing-room, bedroom, cabinet and even kitchen. It is not recommended to use them in bathrooms, because of the high humidity of the room.

Wooden Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

There are many hues of brown, black and grey colour. Manufacturers also offer you a lot of variants of this element of design: hanging, light fixtures, wall lamps, standard and table lamps. Today if there is such an element if the house or flat it means that the owner has a true taste and value food and elegant design.

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