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Moroccan Ceiling Light is Really a Perfect Option

Moroccan Star Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Moroccan ceiling light will complement your Arabian interior style and impress everyone with its beauty and delicate detailing. Combining different pierced metal decorations like candle holders, mirror frames, colored glass lanterns, rich deep blue, turquoise, red and white paint colors and similar furniture with distinctive Arabian patters and designs are going to turn your room or house into a Thousand and One Nights fairytale.

Round-shaped Moroccan ceiling light fixture made out of finely chiseled metal and painted glass will be an eye-catching piece of interior décor everyone will admire. It looks extremely luxurious and elaborated. Handmade instances are quite rare and unique. Special native techniques and patterns are used by local professionals to make them. But the true magic of the Moroccan style ceiling lights may be observed only when it’s dark. If you turn them on under the screen of the night, you’ll see how your room is taken over by bouncing shadows that create incredibly beautiful patterns on the ceiling and on the walls. Aroma candles, floor cushions and true black coffee will add to this relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.

Moroccan Ceiling Light Shade

Moroccan lantern ceiling light that features glass elements of different color along with black chiseled flowery designs paired with similar floor-standing lanterns located near the fireplace’s fire pit and rustic metal candle holders adorning its marble mantel piece will create the true Moroccan atmosphere.  You may also find large start-shaped fine metal lights designed to hold teacup candles. Lilly shaped floor ones look amazing as well. Silky furniture, beautiful carpets on light tiled or stone floors, glass and metal coffee tables with tea or coffee sets, white lightweight curtains, and tall windows will totally recreate that Arabian vibe. If you want to go to town, you may even recreate ceiling painting in that same style around the lighting fixture. The only thing that will be missing is that unrepeatable Moroccan view.

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