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T8 Light Fixtures as Important Element of Interior

4 Bulb T8 Light Fixture

Last years, T8 light fixtures became quite famous. They were created in 1930, but got a wide use only 50 years after. These luminaires are convenient for private and industrial premises.

There are some differences between lamps sizes and principals of operation. The most asked-for are T8 and T12 tubes. The nomenclature T8 or T12 describe the diameter of a tube: 1 inch 1 ½ inches, respectively. The length of both types varies. T8 lamps consume less energy than T12 and permit to save about 50 watt per year.

LED T8 Light Fixtures

The bulbs differ by the type of their work. T8 fluorescent light fixtures have some mercury-vapor inside them, and use fluorescence to make a visible glow. Because of mercury they are considered hazardous waste and need recycling. In spite of the relative danger, they can boast their energy efficiency. The brightness depends on the ballast and the type of the tube.

LED T8 light fixtures are considered eco-friendly and safe, as they contain a light-emitting diode, without mercury. LED bulbs become more and more popular thank to their energy efficiency. LED doesn’t need a warm-up time for full brightness, so consume less energy. But take into account that its life grows short with frequent switching on and off. Another little shortcoming is an inability to emit the glow in all direction. But it is compensated by lamps design. For instance, 2, 4 and 8 T8 light fixtures combinations permit to illuminate brightly the premises of large sizes.

The both types of bulbs give a nice natural light and save your money as opposed to incandescent lamps. They are the cheapest but waste the largest amount of electricity. LED lamps are the most costly, but they are the most profitable, at last, even when they combined in big fixtures.

LED Tube Light Fixture Open Commercial T8 4ft

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