Outstanding Hurricane Candle Holder Ideas

Hurricane Candle Holders Large

Hurricane candle holder might be an awesome piece of décor for you if you’re one of those people who love creating intimate atmosphere and decorate their house with a lot of candles. It’s undeniable that the room lit exclusively by little warm-toned lights looks and feels exceptionally calming and romantic. Those holders come in different styles and sizes, they combine different materials like glass, wood and metal and they may turn into amazing table centerpieces.

Glass hurricane candle holders look amazing on fireplace mantel pieces, especially the ones that look like a tree branch and have tea lights in them.  They may be combined with white plant pots on kitchen windowsills. Gold hurricane candle holders are amazing vanity décor pieces, especially when paired with a gold table mirror and rustic glasses with gold metallic inclusions.  You may place them onto your shelving system among your books or onto the living room coffee table together with a wicker basket filled with pine cones, river stones, artificial moss and chestnuts.

Tall Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

Maybe, a large glass hurricane fixture that looks like an old-school gas light is that very piece of room décor you’ve been looking for so long. It would fit the rustic or loft-style apartment perfectly. A pair of tall hurricane candle holders placed both sides of a white sofa or an armchair will create an artistic vintage atmosphere, while bulky ones will wooden details will add a farmhouse or Scandinavian touch. Besides, you may hang a bunch of lantern style pieces on your patio to enjoy romantic warm summer evenings on the fresh air.

Crystal holders of this type are amazing wedding venue decorations. If you spend a little bit of time to customize them, you’ll end up with unique vintage floating candles as reception table centerpieces or even thank-you gifts for your guests. Hang them around the white wedding pavilion and wait till evening to see how charming your venue will look.

Mosaic Hurricane Candle Holders

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