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One of the most original and scenic type of lighting fixtures is a deer antler chandelier. It fits to cottage, lodges, and rooms finished by wood. These fittings present an eye-catching centerpiece, which gives a rustic picturesque look. The luster can be placed in any chamber: living, dining or, even, bed room. It doesn’t give too much light, so it is advisable to combine it with track and recessed lamps.

It should be mention that a real deer antler chandelier production doesn’t require animals killing or any harm, since stags shed their antlers once a year, in the middle of winter. Each animal has completely unique horns, and the antlers of one individual differ from previous. So, if you decide to purchase this fixture, you’ll surely get an exclusive one.

Deer Antler Chandelier Kits

There are, also, mule and whitetail deer antler chandelier. But the biggest and the most branchy lamps are got from moose and elk. They have an impressive appearance. But remember that big antlers are good only for big premises. Besides, they are very heavy, therefore it’s difficult to hang them, and hardware must be very hard and reliable.

The prices for the genuine article are from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on sizes and horns patterns. To save money you can make use of your hunting trophy, if there is a possibility. Just clean it inside and outside with oil soap, spray with a clear polyurethane finish several times and make holes with a drill for wires and lamps. To make it rightly, look for more detailed instruction.

If you can’t afford a natural article, pay attention to a faux deer antler chandelier. It is impossible to tell a real luster from a fake one, but the last has some privileges, such as: low price, low weight, sizes variety and simple installation.

Deer Antler Chandelier Kit

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